Security Products

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Incidences of security breach such as breaking of locks and burglary, illegal intrusion in high security zones, breach of data integrity, theft etc are common problems for households as well as companies. To prevent these companies as well as households need to employ comprehensive security solutions. These include products like analogue CCTV Cameras, Wireless Cameras, IP Cameras, Facial Attendance Machines, Biometric Devices, Intrusion Alarms etc. For households Apartment Video door phones, Video Door Phones, Hotel Door Locks, Home Door Locks etc are quite useful in preventing security breach. We supply all these products and more for both household and industrial use.

Analogue CCTV Cameras
IP Cameras
Wireless Cameras
Biometric Devices
Facial Attendance Machines
Intrusion Alarms
Key Lockers
Electric Fencing
Parking Manager
Guard Tour System
Video Door Phone Stand Alone
Apartment Video door phone
Home Door Locks
Hotel Door Locks
Access Controls
Entrance Control
Guard Petrol
Metal Detectors
Turnstile Gates
Swing Gates & Flap Barrier
X Ray Security Inspection Equipment
Tracking Products